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AAHA Discussion

A community-powered blog focusing on issues and stories impacting the African American diaspora. Keep informed, share a comment by clicking the button below, and enter your post.

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AAHA Journal

The African American Heritage Association Journal chronicles the people of African descent. Their origin, migrations, and forced abduction from Africa and other parts of the world. The journal's current focus is on culture and arts from the middle passage to the present.


Woman's Social Commentary, Insights, and Guests Series
Features unscripted inter-generational conversations among African American women regarding their community impact in the categories of Culture, Health, Education, And Wealth.

Soul of Virginia - Magazine

Writers trace the unique Virginia African American and Multicultural heritage influences, experiences, and journeys. Individual pathways and lifestyles combine in a unique blend of past and present-day voices. Easily heard to resonate through the articles and in the retelling of stories about travel, cuisine, fashion, leisure, destination sites, lifestyles, and traditions.

What Works RVA

Actionable Information Series for Today's Lifestyle
What Works RVA provides a sassy look at Virginia with a blend of agriculture, fashion trends, business, history, shopping, and entertainment. Discover why Virginia is for Lovers and more.

What Works Global

Every culture seeks to encourage, engage, and enrich the awareness of its heritage within this integrated global community. Human aspirations to live in peace with freedom know no boundaries, yet only through communication can we appreciate the full impact of each ethnic Diaspora through its history, fashion trends, entertainment, and business stories. Telling a man's full story is a challenge yet it is one in which there is so much joy and love to be experienced; therefore we work to share this human story.